My kids have grown up a bit now, teenagers! So that means that as I write this I have been a photographer for 16 years!  I've been shooting professionally for 13 years and photography is my full time career!  When I'm not writing bio's, editing images or taking pictures, you can find me working out ( reluctantly ), reading, walking my little dog Phoebe or guzzling, I mean sipping,  a glass of wine or cup of coffee. 


Photographer/ Owner


I never know how to start these bios.  But, I guess lets just start at the beginning.  I have been an artist since I was a very young child.  I loved painting and drawing most.  My grandmother, Rose, was an incredible artist that I was named after so I felt to incorporate her name into my business name was perfect.  


 It wasn't until my children were born that I realized what an art photography is. Taking their first photographs and capturing those perfect little faces brought me such joy.  As a new mom, I didn't have the kind of time required for painting and drawing  so what What I loved most about photography was the ability to create art in a very short period of time!  Instant gratification! Thus began my love for photography. 


I had a wonderful friend that introduced me to professional photography. I tagged along with her on a couple of weddings and discovered that this was what I wanted to do!  I love capturing people at their most important milestones of life.  I step into each family with a fresh mind and clear eyes.  I want to capture them as authentically as possible.  I do not aim to shoot for my portfolio, but rather I aim to shoot for my clients.  



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